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Automatic Cat Laser Toy with LED Red Dot and Timed Modes

Automatic Cat Laser Toy with LED Red Dot and Timed Modes

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Product Features:

  • Pink watermelon shape with LED red laser device
  • Interactive cat toy, designed to stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts
  • Two timing modes: 20-minute casual play and 6-hour solo play
  • Made of ABS material, non-toxic and harmless to your pet

20-minute Casual Play Mode:

  • Perfect for occasional leisure and entertainment time with your cat
  • Irregular projection frequency, providing endless fun and excitement for your pet
  • The LED laser device automatically switches off after 20 minutes to prevent over-stimulation

6-hour Solo Play Mode:

  • Ideal for long-term playtime when you're not at home
  • The toy automatically turns on and off at different intervals to keep your cat engaged and entertained
  • The ABS material is durable and able to withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime session.

Product Size:

cat interactive LED toy for indoor play



Size Parameter

●Net Weight:0.253kg

Pawsome Purchase Note

Please note that colors and sizes may vary slightly due to lighting and device differences. Allow for 1-2 inches (2-3CM).1-3cm inaccuracy, and consider these factors before making your purchase. Any variations are not product quality issues. If you have any questions, please contact us. We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Caring Manual

●Avoid exposing the toy to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
●When not in use for a long time, remove the batteries from the toy.

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Frequently Asked Question about Automatic Cat Laser Toy

How does the Automatic Cat Laser Toy work?

The Automatic Cat Laser Toy operates by projecting a laser beam in unpredictable patterns to engage your feline friend's natural hunting instincts. Watch as your cat pounces and chases the elusive laser, providing hours of interactive entertainment!

Is the Automatic Cat Laser Toy safe for my pet?

The Automatic Cat Laser Toy is designed with pet safety as a top priority. It features an auto-shutoff function, preventing overstimulation, and complies with the highest industry safety standards. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your furry companion is playing safely.

Can the Automatic Cat Laser Toy help reduce cat boredom and anxiety?

Yes! The Automatic Cat Laser Toy is an excellent tool to combat boredom and anxiety in cats. By stimulating their natural instincts, it keeps them mentally and physically engaged, preventing destructive behaviors and promoting a happier, healthier feline.

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