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Cat Elastic Spring Ball Toy for Jumping Training

Cat Elastic Spring Ball Toy for Jumping Training

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Product Features:

  • Free Your Hands】The self-hanging ball toy for cat jumping training is designed to be easily hung on door frames, glass windows, countertops, or tabletops. 
  • Firmly Grabs The Attention Of Cats】The cat spring toy is designed to captivate cats, this rope combines resilience, strong rebounding force, and a wide swinging range. And the cat self-hanging ball is equipped with a delightful bell, it firmly grabs the attention of your kitty.
  • Adorable shapes and safe materials】The cat interactive spring ball toy is designed with adorable shapes that pique your cat's interest, meantime this elastic interactive cat ball toy is the perfect solution to eliminate the frustration of your cat's destructive chewing and tearing around the house. It not only saves space but also ensures peace of mind with its safe materials.

Product Size:

Cat interactive spring ball toy with bell for indoor cat chasing and jumping training



    Feather, ABS, Bell, Plush ball

    Size Parameter


    Pawsome Purchase Note

    Please note that colors and sizes may vary slightly due to lighting and device differences. Allow for 1-2 inches (2-3CM).1-3cm inaccuracy, and consider these factors before making your purchase. Any variations are not product quality issues. If you have any questions, please contact us. We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

    Caring Manual

    ● To enhance the toy's adhesion, it is recommended to apply it to smooth surfaces such as tile or glass.
    ● It is important to note that vigorous biting by a cat may potentially damage the toy.
    ● Please avoid excessive pulling on the bungee cord as it can lead to damage over time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Interactive Spring Ball

    How does the Cat Spring Ball Toy benefit my cat's health and well-being?

    The Cat Spring Ball Toy offers numerous benefits for your cat's health. It provides physical exercise, helping to keep your cat active and prevent obesity. The toy stimulates mental agility and promotes natural hunting instincts, keeping your cat mentally stimulated and satisfied. Additionally, playing with the toy can help relieve stress and anxiety in cats, promoting overall well-being.

    Will the Interactive Cat Ball Toy work for older or less active cats?

    Yes, the Interactive cat ball toy is suitable for cats of various ages and activity levels. While it provides opportunities for physical exercise and mental stimulation, the toy's design allows cats to engage with it at their own pace. Older or less active cats can still enjoy batting, swatting, and interacting with the toy, even if their activity levels are lower.

    Can the Cat Elastic Spring Ball Toy help redirect my cat's destructive behavior?

    Yes, the Cat Elastic Spring Ball Toy can be effective in redirecting your cat's destructive behavior. By providing an outlet for natural hunting instincts, the toy offers a positive and engaging alternative to destructive behaviors like scratching furniture or chewing on household items. Regular play with the toy can help redirect your cat's energy and focus towards a more appropriate and satisfying activity.

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