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Escape-Proof Travel Cat Harness and Leash with BowKnot

Escape-Proof Travel Cat Harness and Leash with BowKnot

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Product Features:

  • 【🎀Secure and Escape-Proof】The Escape-Proof Cat Harness with BowKnot is designed to provide a secure and escape-proof experience for your cat. With its unique vest-style design and adjustable straps, it ensures a snug and comfortable fit, preventing any chance of your cat slipping out or escaping during walks or outdoor adventures.
  • 【🎀Suitable for Cats and Small Dogs】The Travel Cat Harness with Princess Dress is not only suitable for cats but also ideal for small dogs weighing up to 15 pounds. Its adjustable design allows for a comfortable and secure fit for both feline and canine friends, making it a great choice for multi-pet households.
  • 【🎀Durable and High-Quality Materials】The Best Cat Escape-Proof Harness is made from premium materials, ensuring long-lasting use and withstanding daily wear and tear.
  • 【🎀Comfortable and Breathable】Crafted with soft and breathable materials, this cat harness allowing your cat or small dog to move freely without restriction. The lightweight design minimizes any discomfort, ensuring a pleasant walking experience for both you and your pet.

Product Size:

Pink Butterfly Bow Vest Cat Harness: Secure and Stylish for Your Beloved Feline



Size Parameter

●Neck Girth(inch)
-S 9.4-11.8
-M 11-14.1
-L 13.7-18.9
●Chest Width(inch)
-S 7-8.6
-M 7.8-9.4
-L 9.4-13.7
●Weight for cats(pounds)
-S 1-5
-M 5-15
-L 15-20
●Weight for dogs(pounds)
-S 1-3
-M 3-7
-L up to 15

Pawsome Purchase Note

Please note that colors and sizes may vary slightly due to lighting and device differences. Allow for 1-2 inches (2-3CM).1-3cm inaccuracy, and consider these factors before making your purchase. Any variations are not product quality issues. If you have any questions, please contact us. We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Caring Manual

●Please use the tap measure before purchasing
●Regularly hand wash the product with warm water at 30°C

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Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Cat Harness

How do I introduce my cat to wearing a harness?

Introducing a cat to wearing a harness requires patience and positive reinforcement. Start by letting your cat sniff and explore the harness without putting it on. Gradually introduce the harness by putting it on for short periods indoors, rewarding your cat with treats and praise. With time, most cats will become comfortable wearing a harness.

Can I walk my cat with a harness?

Yes, you can walk your cat with a harness. However, it's important to remember that not all cats enjoy going for walks like dogs do. Start by walking your cat in a quiet, familiar area and let them set the pace. Always supervise your cat during walks and never force them to go beyond their comfort level.

How does the Travel Cat Harness prevent my cat from pulling and tugging during walks?

This Travel Cat Harness features an innovative anti-pulling design. The harness is strategically padded to distribute pressure evenly, discouraging your cat from pulling and tugging. This gentle approach prevents discomfort and ensures that your cat enjoys a pleasant walking experience without causing strain on their neck or shoulders. You can confidently explore the great outdoors together, knowing that the harness will provide a secure and enjoyable walk for your cat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Super 👍🏼

Lässt sich super gut anziehen.

Bethany Ball
The way it fits

You have to make sure you have it on tight or your cat may get out of it. Very nice and soft. Easy to put on cat

Sheri darnell
Super cute- matches her color

So cute! My cat has never worn a leash. She acted a little weird when we first put this on her. After awhile she started to become used to it. Use it every so often.

Meranda Robinson
Easy to put on

Love the color

Happy with purchase

Product is good quality. I feel confident walking my cat with this set