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Multi-Ply Plywood Cat Window Perch

Multi-Ply Plywood Cat Window Perch

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Product Features:

  • Premium Material】Crafted from high-quality cotton and linen fabric, this cat window perch offers a soft and comfortable lounging experience. The material is static-free, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed resting environment for your beloved cat.
  • 【Adjustable and Portable】With its convenient adjustable buckle design, the cat window perch can be easily attached and moved around. It has a maximum adjustable distance of 6inch, allowing you to hang it over sofas, coffee tables, or even beside your bed without the need for drilling or permanent fixtures.
  • Sturdy Construction】 Features a multi-layered solid wood board construction, providing a stable and secure platform for your cat. It can withstand a static weight of up to 40 lbs and dynamic impact of up to 16 lbs, ensuring the safety and comfort of your furry friend.
  • Breathable and Easy to Clean】The hammock bed for windowsill is made with pure cotton canvas, offering excellent breathability and ventilation. This ensures that your cat stays cool and comfortable while lounging. Additionally, the fabric is easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Product Size:

Relaxing Cat Hammock for Cozy Naps


Multi-Ply Plywood,Cotton Canvas

Size Parameter

47*40*22 cm(18.5* 15.5*8.5 inch)

Pawsome Purchase Note

Please note that colors and sizes may vary slightly due to lighting and device differences. Allow for 1-2 inches (2-3CM).1-3cm inaccuracy, and consider these factors before making your purchase. Any variations are not product quality issues. If you have any questions, please contact us. We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Caring Manual

●Avoid near excessive heat
●Do not use chemical detergent to clean

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Hanging Bed

What are the benefits of using a cat hanging bed?

Using a cat hanging bed provides several benefits for your cat. Firstly, it offers a cozy and elevated space for your cat to relax, which can help them feel safe and secure. Secondly, it saves floor space in your home, making it ideal for small living areas. Additionally, a cat hanging bed can help satisfy your cat's natural desire to climb and perch, promoting their physical and mental well-being.

How can I encourage my cat to use a window perch?

Cats are naturally curious and love exploring new things. While it may take some time for your cat to adjust to the hammock, most cats quickly take to the cozy and elevated space it offers. To encourage their interest, you can place their favorite toys or treats on the hammock initially and provide positive reinforcement when they explore or use it.

Do cats like window perch?

Yes, many cats enjoy window perches. Cats are naturally curious animals, and a window perch provides them with a comfortable and elevated spot to observe the outside world. From a window perch, cats can watch birds, squirrels, and other outdoor activities, which can be both entertaining and stimulating for them. Additionally, window perches allow cats to bask in the sunlight and enjoy a change of scenery. However, it's important to note that individual preferences can vary, and not all cats may be interested in using a window perch.

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