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Versatile Pet Grooming and Wet Wipes Cleaning Brush

Versatile Pet Grooming and Wet Wipes Cleaning Brush

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Product Features:

  • 【Multi-functional design】The  pet grooming tool is a versatile accessory that can be used for knotting, shedding, massaging, and cleaning your pet's fur. Its 45 double-row teeth make the shedding process more effective and efficient.
  • 【Improved shedding】Can easily remove loose fur and reduce shedding around your home. This tool is especially helpful during shedding seasons.
  • 【One-click installation】comes with a special pet wet wipe that can be easily installed with a single click. This allows for quick and easy cleanup without having to give your pet a full bath.
  • 【Customized massage layer】Features a silicone massage layer that is designed to be gentle on your pet's skin while providing a relaxing massage. It is customized to your pet's size and coat type for maximum comfort.
  • 【Water-resistant design】Made with ABS and silicone materials, making it waterproof and easy to clean. 
  • 【Clothing cleaning feature】Has a hair-removing comb on the backside, allowing you to easily clean off any loose hair on your clothing or furniture.
  • 【Two styles for different coat types】Available in two styles: one with long 6mm teeth suitable for long and short-haired pets, and one with short 4.5mm teeth for short-haired pets.

Product Size:

Pet grooming brush for cats and dogs. Best Pet Knot Remover


ABS, Silicone

Size Parameter

●Product Size:5.3*2.6*19cm/2*1*7.5inch
●Product Weight:54g

Pawsome Purchase Note

Please note that colors and sizes may vary slightly due to lighting and device differences. Allow for 1-2 inches (2-3CM).1-3cm inaccuracy, and consider these factors before making your purchase. Any variations are not product quality issues. If you have any questions, please contact us. We want you and your pet to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Caring Manual

Avoid expose the brush to extreme temperature

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Frequently Asked Question about Pet Grooming Cleaning Brush

How often should I use the pet grooming and cleaning brush?

It is recommended to use the pet grooming and cleaning brush once or twice a week to keep your pet's coat clean and healthy. The wet wipes cleaning design allow a quick and cleanup for you cats and dogs without having a full bath. Regular brushing helps remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair, promoting a shiny and well-groomed appearance.

How does the Cat Grooming and Wet Wipes Cleaning Brush help with pet grooming and hygiene?

The cat grooming and wet wipes cleaning brush is designed to efficiently groom your cat's fur while also allowing you to clean them with wet wipes. Its gentle bristles remove loose hair and debris, promoting a healthy coat. Additionally, the brush's built-in dispenser holds wet wipes, making it convenient to wipe away dirt and odor, ensuring your cat stays clean and fresh.

Can the Dog Grooming and Wet Wipes Cleaning Brush help reduce shedding and hairballs in dogs?

Sure! The Dog Grooming and Wet Wipes Cleaning Brush is specifically designed to minimize shedding and hairballs in dogs. By regularly using the brush, you can effectively remove loose hair from your dog's coat, reducing the amount of hair they ingest while grooming themselves. This can significantly decrease the occurrence of hairballs, keeping your dog healthier and more comfortable.

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